Vermilion and the Bride

The vermilion glistened in the parting of your wet hair,

Trickling down to kiss the bindi on the forehead fair

It stopped an inch before, did not further dare…


Your earrings began rhythmic sway

Caressing your hair; the pair stared at you in dismay

The diamond perched on your nose winked a little

You suddenly let out a laugh, a smile brittle


Beholding an ethereal beauty, I utter

“The mirror admires you a new glowing bride”

You glanced at me without a mutter

Turned, swirled and took a hasty stride


I got flustered,



Your smile, an abandoned dead wire

The diamond, a drooped flower

The landscape changed into fathomless mire


The vermilion shone no more, resembled a blood red scar

Earrings pierce into the lobes, give you pain

Your voice squeaked, mouth ajar

I, helpless, listened, silent in vain


‘The glow you reckon is not sunbeam

It’s a halogen lamp with a transient gleam

Like you bend to smell a blooming lily

And instead surprise yourself a paper craft silly…


Marriage like a painting on canvas

Beguiles you as one image,

Stories which knit that picture are many you know not

It isn’t after all a smile of freedom; hence called tying the knot!


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