When your fingers and mine did not entwine

And the distance between them grew wide,

My heartbeat could not find the rhythm of thine,

You flung the door open and went without a guide.

As your footsteps travelled afar,

And the tapping sound I could hear no more,

I left the gates of my heart gaping ajar

For you to come back and take a seat in my heart’s core.

Why didn’t I say a word and held you back?

You too did not care to give me a last glance.

I could have cooked you your favourite snack,

If only you had said it was our last dance.

Last summer, your unexpected arrival surprised me,

The warmth of your embrace lingered long.

I know not where we misplaced our key,

This cold autumn seems an incomplete song.

Gazing at the mirror-topped table,

My eyes strain to see your reflection in it.

Memories flash past and all appears a fable,

Even your shadow left me…declared to quit.

You were angry at me I know,but why I have no clue,

‘I kissed a guy,’ you heard someone say

You asked me not, hailed grapevine to be true,

Lips of mine you thought object of stray play?

There was not a bang or a thud…

Still I felt something broke, neither a glass nor door

It was my heart that crumbled like wet mud

Pieces lie scattered on the floor…

Help me heal my fracture,

Devastating was thy departure!


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