My Epitaph

Two days ago, I and my classmates were given a task to write an epitaph. An epitaph as we understand is an inscription written in the memory of the dead. The very fact that we were asked to come up with our own lines in the form of couplets or paragraphs/stanzas seemed a bit jolting, for it is difficult to imagine a situation of morbidity amidst mirth and jubilation.

Now when I look into and read through my own words, I attempt to transport myself to a circumstance where my own death (which is imminent in the due course of my life span) would not be (at least that is what I would like to believe) perceived and witnessed in a kind of atmosphere that actually gave birth to the lines I am about to pen down. It is somehow eerily funny to imagine this…..When I read these lines in class, two of my friends seemed vehemently appreciative while I myself was a bit taken over by a sense of amusement and awkwardness. I am eager to see the shift in the relevance of these lines in accordance with the change of scenario. I have obviously gathered the reaction in a concocted environment but I wish I could discern its significance otherwise too…I am being stupid I know, for I would have left the worldly realm by then and hence the EPITAPH:

Cushioned between the pages of a book,

                    sans the fragrance, sans a breath

                    I am that flower, that memory and that emotion;

                    which reside(s) within you.

                    I continue to live, revive and resurrect,

                    Death chose me, and I chose….

                    you know what!”

In the loving memory of Ipshita Mitra (1989-20{XX})


3 thoughts on “My Epitaph

  1. Strolling through the graveyard of the village where I have spent my childhood – I have decided years ago what to write on my gravestone – unfortunately I cannot post the text now – it would be too provocative:-)) To reveal a lil’ bit – it will describe my attitude in one sentence…and will guarantee shocked faces:-) So let’s continue in 40 years or so….!

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